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Love your Greek travel diary. I once spent many months there, mainly on the island of Moni which is off Aegina. I'd got on a boat to Crete but had to get off because I was so seasick, and ended up in a sort of nudist camp with just one other bloke and about 20 women. A great time.
Phil Wiley - "All The Secrets Marketing and Free Publicity Newsletter"
(Brisbane, Australia)

I had a first glance at your website which is really great (read also some of your poems which I found very expressive, personal and professional and would love sending you some of mine ... but they're all in German.)
Dagmar (Germany)

You have a cheeky face and its hard to believe you are the age you say. Your (SX) diet must work :)
Berni (Melbourne, Australia)

My! You are a very impressive man with a very impressive vision ... Reading your speeches turned out to be so hilarious I coudn't help myself cracking up every now and then to the surprise (delight or annoyance) of the people around here... I like most of your latest works (speeches), Pericles, The Wandering Knight, Why The Boss Gets Paid More, and the factual, superb and insipirational LIVE FOR THE JOURNEY, (NOT THE DESTINATION)... SX Diet? Can you really attain a result that fast? You must be looking great all the time, James.
Dorie (Guam)

Your Travel Diary - very well written and entertaining! Laughed a number of times ... I especially loved the entry about the tortoise pissing on you and the 3-card dealer... You could turn this into a book one day.
Nanette (Melbourne, Australia)

I read your poem 'She's A Gorilla'. Personally I wouldn't say I hate it but it is not my style. The one I really like is "Heaven". The others are more like lyrics and as I am not very musical I can't make them come alive. My failure despite being named after the saint of music! Like you I write poems because it is therapeutic.
Cecilia (Brisbane, Australia)

You have certainly got some really interesting stuff in your website. I have already read a bit of your Travel Diary and found it absolutely fascinating... It is true about not being able to appreciate your own home until you travel overseas.. I experienced that when I went to my own home land of Wales UK 8 years ago... I must admit though we didn't have so much grief over the water shortage as you experienced .. God I don't know if I could handle that!!
Wendy (Melbourne, Australia)

You certainly have an interesting twist on the story of the three little pigs (The Kind-Hearted Wolf). I like it ! There are always two sides to any story.
Scarlet (USA)

WELL DONE! You have certainly put a great deal of effort.....and yourself!!..........into your site.........(No poetry for the past 4 years???).........You are very articulate, I enjoyed your writing......I have to confess that I do not understand your cartoons though......What do they mean!!!!!!
Sue (Melbourne, Australia)

I think you have tremendous self confidence to be able to "bare your soul" in such fashion. Apart from the "autobiographical" content I found the layout, etc. to be excellent.
Mairin (Perth, Australia)

Looked at your web page - you have had a more interesting life than I have by the look of things.
Sharon (Melbourne, Australia)

I enjoyed everthing Isaw and read. I tell you what, Ihave decided to follow up your diet menu which of course costs no money. I must admit that ... you are such an intelligent, lifely and interesting person; jugdeing from your writings.
Judith (Cameroon - West Africa)

I had a look at your website. You certainly seem very talented and you obviously have a good sense of humour.
Maggie (Melbourne, Australia)

I was looking at your web page and it is very interesting.
Marybel (Barranquilla, Colombia)

The reason I am contacting you is because I wanted to get into Web design... and I am having a hard time getting started. I quit a Multi-media course early this year (just started) ... are you studying at present... please tell me what you are up to.
Linda (Melbourne, Australia)

I saw your website. It's nice and you're artistic.
Vivian (Manila, Philippines)

Your SX diet has a slight glitch in it I think. You see I'm a very active person due to my work but I am not slim..the problem with exercise is that you have to gradually increase it as your body gets used to it..to have the effect of losing weight. Anyway I hate exercise so it's a mute point.
Lee (Melbourne, Australia)

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