The Magical Tooth Fairy - and the Fairy Dust Cycle
Written and illustrated by JAMES TARIS

These are the Tooth Fairy questions that will be answered in this book ...

James Taris
and the
Fairy Dust Cycle

Losing a tooth can be quite a traumatic experience for a young child. Fotunately the Tooth Fairy is always there to comfort and console our children with a token coin in exchange for the loss of a baby tooth.

But although the Tooth Fairy has been around since the start of time, we don't know all that much about her ... until now!

The Magical Tooth Fairy, answers all your children's questions (and yours!).

This book (ebook) is much more than just a cheap kids ebook. It's a revelation!

James Taris shows a genuine understanding of one of our children's most loved characters. As both witer and illustrator of this book, James combines his simple poetry and beautifully illustrated cartoons to create a unique combination of imaginative story and informative guide.

At what age will I lose my first tooth?
Where and where do I put my tooth for the Tooth Fairy?
What will the Tooth Fairy give me for my tooth?
Is the Tooth Fairy a myth?
Is the Tooth Fairy scary?
Who works harder, Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy?
How many teeth does the Tooth Fairy collect each day?
How can the Tooth Fairy go everywhere on a single day?
When does the Tooth Fairy sleep?
What does the Tooth Fairy eat?
How does the Tooth Fairy cope with the cold and heat?
Does the Tooth Fairy get tired?
Can the Tooth Fairy fly?
How many times does the Tooth Fairy visit us?
What kind of teeth does the Tooth Fairy collect?
What coins does the Tooth Fairy carry?
How fast does the Tooth Fairy fly?
Can I hear the Tooth Fairy when she comes?
What if the Tooth Fairy can't get in my home?
For how many years will the Tooth Fairy visit?
How many times will the Tooth Fairy visit each year?
Can the Tooth Fairy be trapped?
Can I see the Tooth Fairy when she comes?
Can I hide my tooth from the Tooth Fairy?
What if the Tooth Fairy doesn't leave me a coin?
Who does the Tooth Fairy give us coins?
Can I trick the Tooth Fairy by pretending to be asleep?
How many teeth has the Tooth Fairy collected so far?
Why does the Tooth Fairy collect our teeth?

What does the Tooth Fairy do with our teeth?
How long can the Tooth Fairy live?
Why can the Tooth Fairy live so long?
Where does the Tooth Fairy get her magic?
Where does the Tooth Fairy get fairy dust?
Which teeth does the Tooth Fairy like best?
Where does the Tooth Fairy take the teeth?
Where does the Tooth Fairy get the money from?
Why does the Tooth Fairy give so much happiness?
What is the Fairy Dust Cycle?

From the author

Rather than writing just a fanciful story, you'll find an educational mix of information, inspiration and imagination in this story about one of children's most loved characters, the Tooth Fairy.

I wrote this story as a five minute presentation (yes, it's a long poem) and the response was so encouraging that it's now a fully-illustrated children's book.

It answers all your children's Tooth Fairy questions for you, and the story ends on a positive note that will make your children quite happy to celebrate the loss of each of their teeth.


Thanks for your quick response. Is it possible for me to just upgrade to a soft cover book (of The Magical Tooth Fairy) and have you sign it to my daughter? She lost a tooth yesterday and she has 3 more loose ones waiting. I would love to give her this book as a gift from the tooth fairy and with your signature it would be awesome! She's a "book worm" and has been reading since she was 2 1/2. Anyway, let me know... P.S. Where do you live? Because we are in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and at my daughter's school, once a year, they do a "meet the author". The author comes and speaks about himself, the books, becoming an author, etc. Before the author comes an order form goes out to all the parents for the kids to purchase the author's books and for the kids that purchase them the author signs them. Sandra (USA)

I have looked at some pages of your ebook "The Magical Tooth Fairy", I enjoyed your writing and illustration very much. It has a good sense of humor and imagination, I believe lots of children will love it. If I was six years old, I would be curious about the book and want to read it. You have a good artistic approach to the book, I like the way you used the colours and drawings, it would be attractive to the children. I am suprised with the skill you have of the software, did you use Illustrator to draw them? you are definitely a good artist, I will take time to read more of your ebooks during the school holidays ... You are a diligent writer and also a good illustrator. Lisa (Australia)

James: These books, Slugger the Slug and The Magical Tooth Fairy, are superbly written and illustrated! and should be published (in hard or paper back copy.) in all probability. I can't begin to imagine how many kids would want to have these books to read at bedtime or at anytime. My son is in awe. Thinks that James Taris is super good. And famous. And an awesome artist ... Dorie (Guam)

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