From Fantasy to Hollywood
How I performed my play internationally without funding




James Taris


Hi James, I wanted to send you a copy of the article I wrote for our local newsletter after seeing your play. I was so impressed with your portrayal that I was really glad to have the opportunity to see it more than once. The first time, at the Kitchener Public Library was amazing! I loved the plot development, especially since each of the monologues could probably stand on their own, but are knit together so skillfully that the entire play has to be seen to be fully appreciated. All of the performances, from the library to the business office to the church were exactly as you'd billed them. When we received the poster and had a look at your web-site, we had an idea of what was in store, but once we'd had an opportunity to see the play, we were thrilled that we'd decided to support your presentation of it. The tone of the play is inspirational and humourous, with enough "meat" to keep the audience captivated, and we are so pleased that we were able to witness it! Thank you so much for sharing your "story" with us. You are a skilled story-teller and your enthusiasm for each character in the play is obvious. Bravo! Kit Anderson

REVIEW: From the opening line of the play, James catches your attention and doesn�t let go until the final, inspirational words of this 80-minute one-man show.

Traditionally, the words �comedic� and �inspirational� are not grouped together, but in this context, it works wonderfully well. The play is upbeat and moves quickly, as you see through the characters� eyes from the initial dilemma to the inspirational conclusion.

Each character, from a modern-day accountant, to 6 of Greek history�s most famous geniuses, comes alive in James� portrayal of them. Observe the transformation of the protagonist, Demi, from hopeless and desperate to confident and inspired, as he is given the opportunity to see history unfold in a series of flashbacks around the building of the Parthenon in ancient Greece.

I have seen the play on three separate occasions and in three different venues and each time, I have been witness to the power of positive thinking.

The first time was at a local public library, where one member of the audience was so inspired, he requested that James perform the play for his sales team, as he understood the value of being able to present the message of believing in oneself.

The second time I saw the play was at this same gentleman�s offices, where James presented the play to a sales and marketing audience. After the performance, many of the attendees commented on how much impact the play had on them. One man mentioned that he could see how the play would be beneficial to anyone who was stuck �thinking inside the box�. The protagonist�s initial belief that he�s incapable of solving his company�s problem is replaced by a confidence that �everything is possible, if you truly believe�.

The third time I saw the production was in a church sanctuary in Welland, Ontario, to a mixed audience of young and old parishioners. The over-riding consensus was that the play imparted a sense of hope and strength in the midst of seemingly impossible circumstances.

I would recommend this play to anyone and everyone who wants to have their spirits lifted. Although loosely based on historical facts, the play�s genuine philosophy is to inspire through overcoming adversity, a message we all need to hear more often.

- Kit Anderson is a Stephen Minister with Bethany Evangelical Missionary Church, Kitchener, ON and Owner of Kit & Kaboodle Consulting, Kitchener, ON. She is also a Member of the Board of Directors, Kitchener-Waterloo Barterworks. A frequent contributor to our newsletter, Kit writes reviews and commentaries on arts and drama events in the Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge area.

About this book

James Taris was only nine when he fantasised about becoming an actor, but life got in the way and nothing happened for nearly forty years. By chance he saw an amateur theatre play and was so inspired to turn his childhood fantasy into reality that within six weeks he had written The Glory of Athens, a play that he performed twenty-nine times over the next twelve months – in nine countries, on five continents – while on a 400-day world tour.

In this book, James goes into great detail explaining all the stages he went through to write, promote, produce and perform The Glory of Athens, his debut playwriting effort. It is an inspirational journey that will be enjoyed by budding writers and readers alike.


During the school holidays I had some time to read your book From Fantasy to Hollywood. Through reading your book, I had the opportunity to get to know and learn lots from you. Actually, you're a dedicated and well-organised person. I agree with lots of your points of view and very much appreciated how you are very open to the reader. I admire your spirit of striving to become a good writer. ... Lisa (Australia)


James ? Ghia sou! I told you I’d write. My name is Quentin, we met after your presentation (great presentation if I may) at the Cegep of Granby [College near Montreal, Canada]. Just wanted to say, what you did and what you are doing is marvelous. The way you brought your ideas with humour, «good» humour as I call it, intelligent humour, is simply amazing. I’ve been trying to write plays of my own, and I must say, I never even came close to what you did! I hope everything is going well for you, mustn’t be that easy to travel the way you do. But keep it up, I think you shouldn't stop until everyone has witnessed The Glory Of Athens! ... Quentin, student at Cegep of Granby (Canada)


It was our pleasure to host JamesTaris during November, 2003, for 5 days. In that short but event packed period we came to realise that James is very dedicated ... As a result, he is consumed with a passion for showing people how, by assuming active roles in life and learning and applying skills in innovative ways, they also can achieve whatever they dream they could achieve.

This too is, I believe, the message which shines through the play he has written and performed ... The theme of self- empowerment, tempered by some very funny episodes, was very well received here and captured our attention from start to finish.

The irony is, of course, that James, pursuing his adventurous world travels, is a living example of the hero, Odysseus, in his positive, thought provoking play. Michael Loxton, Kingsbridge LETS, Kingsbridge, Devon (England)

Below you will find ...


Performance History

I wrote The Glory Of Athens in June, 2003, while I was in Shanghai, China, at the beginning of my 400-Day World Tour. And I've since given quite a number of readings and performances - in theatres, halls, offices and homes - to the public and groups that have hosted me all over the world.



Solo/7 cast


Venue Type
Jul 17, 2003 Athens, GREECE Solo Reading Outdoor
Jul 24, 2003 Helsinki, FINLAND Solo Reading Loungeroom
Jul 28, 2003 Stockholm, SWEDEN Solo Reading Loungeroom
Jul 30, 2003 Goteborg, SWEDEN Solo Reading Loungeroom
Aug 26, 2003 Sisteron, FRANCE Solo Performance Loungeroom
Sep 12, 2003 Bressuire, FRANCE Solo Performance Hall
Sep 30, 2003 Amsterdam, HOLLAND Solo Performance Theatre
Nov 9, 2003 Kingsbridge, ENGLAND Solo Performance Hall
Nov 21, 2003 Bridgend, WALES Solo Performance Loungeroom
Nov 24-25, 2003 London, ENGLAND Solo Performance Theatre
Dec 14, 2003 Utrecht, HOLLAND Solo Performance Loungeroom
Jan 9, 2004 Welland, CANADA Solo Performance School
Jan 10, 2004 Welland, CANADA Solo Performance Loungeroom
Jan 22, 2004 Kitchener, CANADA Solo Performance Library
Jan 30, 2004 Welland, CANADA Solo Performance Church
Feb 2, 2004 Kitchener, CANADA Solo Performance Office
Mar 5-6, 2004 Montreal, CANADA Solo Performance  Loungeroom
Mar 7, 2004 Granby, CANADA Solo Performance School
Apr 11-12, 2004 Kitchener, CANADA Solo Performance   Loungeroom
Apr 15, 2004 Ottawa, CANADA Solo Performance  Hall

 Apr 30 and
May1-2, 2004

Kitchener, CANADA Solo Performance Loungeroom
May 17, 2004 San Francisco, USA Solo Performance Loungeroom
May 22, 2004 Los Angeles, USA Solo Performance Theatre
Jun 16, 2004 Brisbane, AUSTRALIA Solo Reading Loungeroom


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INTRODUCTION – The Fantasy Begins

I get hooked on theatre
A seed of greatness is planted
Andy’s fifteen minutes of fame

Ch.1 – Finding The Magic Ingredient To Write

How I finally began writing
How I got inspired to write my play
What should I write about?
My first email to London theatres

Ch.2 – Facing My First Audience

Preparing my props
My first reading in Athens
My second email to London theatres
Stricter than a Swede

Ch.3 – Polishing Up My Act

Learning my lines
The daily rehearsal grind
Performing without a script
Filmed for Chinese TV
Getting tips from my audience

Ch.4 – Building Interest In My Play

Writing my own promotional material
Promoting The Glory of Athens
Performing monologue segments
Toastmasters previews

Ch.5 – My Best Promoter

Welcome to
Performance history

Ch.6 – Free Venues That Launched My Play

Lounge-room theatre
Multi-night performances
My youngest fan

Ch.7 – Performing Anywhere And Everywhere

A variety of venue types
Churches, halls, libraries and offices

Ch.8 – Finally On Stage

World premier in Amsterdam
UK premier in London

Ch.9 – Miracles Do Happen

My fairy godmother finds me
Father John
My Hollywood producer

Ch.10 – Hollywood Here I Am

Hollywood here I come
Hollywood and Universal Studios
Lee Strasberg Theatre
Hellenic Views TV interview
The Glory of Athens in Hollywood


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