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Global Quest For Local LETS
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James Taris

1. James Taris LETS Background

My name is James Taris, and I'm a LETSaholic.

I joined my first LETS group in 1994, and after my first trading experience (11 months after I joined!) I became hooked on the benefits of LETS which has since seen me join several other LETS groups, as well as being involved in launching a couple of others.

I've been interviewed on the radio several times about LETS, and also featured as a LETS speaker at several LETS conventions.

My current European LETS Speaking Tour is my way of getting first hand knowledge of LETS Groups and how they are run overseas. It's also an opportunity to show how LETS points can be used to trade with LETS members from all around the world. All of my accommodation and many other expenses have been covered with LETS transactions.

I love LETS. Long live LETS!



On October 19, 2001, I started work on LETS-Linkup.com. This was to be a web site which would provide links to every LETS group in the world and also every article on the internet which had anything related to LETS or local community trading systems.

After 3 weeks and 250 hours effort, I had put together a web site of over 60 web pages listing over 1,000 LETS groups from over 20 countries. I then used this experience to present my "LETS And The Internet" presentation at the Australian National LETS Convention on November3, 3 weeks after I first started my project.

The web site has continued to be well supported by LETS groups worldwide, and has since grown to 78 web pages listing over 1500 LETS groups from 38 countries.

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