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23. Key To The Yellow House

Back at the scene of the crime. It was the top floor!

Alf was waiting for me at Aas Station when I arrived. He had his bicycle with him and a bicycle cab (or trailer) was attached to the back of it. These are very popular in Norway with many parents taking their children to school in them. But in my case, it was just perfect for carrying my luggage to my temporary abode.

Once I was taken to my accommodation (2 floors of warm luxury living all to myself, and with a heated bathroom floor!) and given the keys, Alf also offered me the keys to his apartment, where I could go and use his computer for writing articles and checking emails.

So at 5.15pm the next day, I made my way to Alf's place which was only a cold (3 degrees all week!) 5 minute walk away. As I neared his flat, I noticed it was a yellow building. On my train trip to Aas I'd noticed with amusement the numerous yellow buildings throughout Sweden, and now they were in Norway as well. How careless of me not to notice this last night.

So I walked inside, immediately feeling a warm rush as I got in out of the cold, and went downstairs to the basement where his computer room was. Unfortunately I must've been a bit rough with the key, and almost immediately the doorlock began to shift. And no matter how I tried to reinsert the key and try a different technique, it only made the lock loosen more and more.

Damn, I thought. Now I've stuffed up his lock. But there wasn't much I could do about it, so I walked up to his flat on the first floor to wait for him. He wouldn't be home until about 6pm.

Fortunately the key worked well this time, and I stepped inside. In the bedroom on the left, Alf's son was playing with some toys.

"Hello!" I said cheerfully, even though I was surprised to see him there. I saw him sleeping in his cot the night before, but Alf told me he'd be going to his mum's today. Then Alf's daughter ran out of the kitchen. Alf had told me he had an older daughter, but because she was really his partner's child, and not his, she never used to come over. The baby-sitter had been at Alf's yesterday. Maybe she was here again today.

Then I heard voices in the bathroom immediately to my right. Great, I thought. At last some adult company. And a guy came backing out of it. Maybe this was the baby-sitter's boyfriend.

"Hello," I greeted him. "Where's Alf?"

"Alf?" he queried.

"Yes." And in an attempt to explain myself more clearly, I added, "He gave me the key to his flat so I could come in when I wanted."

He just gave me a puzzled look.

"These are Alf's children, aren't they?" I started again, trying to paint the picture for him one more time.

"No," he said, still looking at me with a welcoming smile on his face.

Then it dawned on me. I'D WALKED INTO THE WRONG HOUSE! And boy is he going to be annoyed when he realizes someone's broken his door lock downstairs!

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