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Taranaki LETS members just before I gave my presentation.

4. Friday, March 28
(New Plymouth)

Subway Rolls And Bird Droppings

John was a very special guest at The Sisters of St.Josephs Convent. He'd been there for a 3 day working spree some time before to do some maintenance for them through LETS. So our overnight stay went some way towards having his favours paid back.

John took me on a tour of the convent's gardens and building, and also introduced me to some of the staff. We were treated like very special guests, with tea and cakes, and even given access to their office computer to check our emails. But we were due in New Plymouth in the afternoon, so we had to make our departure soon after 12 noon.

John had packed a lunch for us, so after driving for a couple of hours, we stopped at a picnic area by the side of the road to stretch our legs and grab a bite to eat. John had already sat down at the picnic table by the time I got there, and we enjoyed our homemade Subway rolls immensely.

Unfortunately, when John got up, he realised he'd sat on some bird droppings.

"Is there anything on my shorts?" he asked as he spun around to give me a good look at his behind. Well, I immediately burst out laughing because poor John had sat on a pretty fresh deposit, and it was now featuring prominently on the right side of his khaki shorts.

Well, there wasn't much he could do about it now, so he grabbed the plastic bag he'd packed our lunch in, and spread it carefully on the driver's seat. Another hour's drive and we were in Bell Block, New Plymouth.

It was like a reunion for John. He hadn't seen Bryan and Jean Duxfield for a very long time. They were ex-Wellington LETS members but had chosen to move to New Plymouth for their retirement. John jumped out of the car quickly to give them both a hug. But as John was hugging Jean, Bryan looked around and said, "What's that?"

Of course he was referring to the plastic which had stuck firmly to the back of John's pants!

Where's Tom Cruise?

"Where in New Zealand is Tom Cruise?" I asked later on over a cuppa.

"He's here in town!" Jean said. "They're making this movie about Japanese samurais, and they've even got James Packer (heir to Australia's richest billionaire) appearing in the movie too! Some women in town found out where he was and were waving their bras at him."

"Were you one of them?" I asked.

"Heck, no," she replied. And we all had a laugh about it.

Taranaki LETS

Taranaki LETS was meeting tonight, and they were expecting me to give my presentation after their meeting. Fortunately the meeting was well attended with 25 people present on the night. The meeting was very well chaired by Ray Michel (Co-ordinator), with keen input from the membership especially when discussing an upcoming LETS Market Day.

By 7.50pm the meeting was closed and I was introduced to speak. At the end of my presentation I was approached by several members who thanked me for sharing my ideas and confirmed that they could relate very well with the situations I related to them. Londa, a very active member of Taranaki LETS, went one step further. She'd brought a collection of items to trade on that night, and selected a little stuffed dragon to give to me in appreciation for my talk.

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