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17. Thursday, April 10

Dogged Day Dave

I was up at daybreak, and by 6.50am I was out the door. It was a cold 25-minute walk into the town center, but after 15 minutes of brisk walking, I had to stop and take off my jacket, scarf and gloves.

The Purple Lizard Caf� was open early, so I sat down at one of their only 2 computers and didn't get up for 4 hours. I didn't even stop for a cup of coffee! Writing, as with any other obsessive activity, can become all encompassing, reducing everything else into insignificance. And that's the way it was with me.

Dave was due around lunchtime, but he still hadn't shown up by 1.40pm. When we called him, he told us that more problems had cropped up with the car and not to expect him until much later.

Within minutes I was at the Internet Caf�, and stayed there for another 3 hours.

Dave didn't arrive until 7.40pm. We'd had dinner and watched some TV by then. But Dave wasn't going to hang around too long. We had a 5-hour trip ahead, and we needed to leave quickly. This 5-hour trip turned out to be a 9-hour trip! And here's why.

Dave is one of those guys that can do anything and everything. And he does. And usually he does them all at the same time. So when we left Timaru, we didn't head for Invercargill we �

Stopped at a motor mechanic's place to pick up 4 mag. wheels. These had to be placed under the pot plants covering the rear of the van, which were being dropped off at our next stop. When we got there, I heard Dave give a huge sigh as he opened the tailgate. I could only imagine what had happened to those pot plants, but wasn't game enough to look. They were left outside a shed on a property, and away we went again. Soon we were at a seed factory, and I was helping Dave load heavy bags of seed into the back of the van. It only took about half the pallet load to put a mighty strain on the rear tires, and so we both felt that we'd taken enough.

"I'll pick up the rest on my next trip through," Dave said as he drove away. But that load of seed weighed us down tremendously. So much so, that we were climbing some of the hills at about 30 kms/hr. With such a long road ahead of us, it was surely slowing us down. Then there were those essential stops for food, petrol and bladder-release, hence our 4-hour delay.

We arrived in Invercargill at 5am, and wasn't I pleased to find 2 hot-water bottles strategically placed in my bed! Dave's wife Sharon was so considerate.

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