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Eventually I got to do the interview with Classic Hits Radio.

15. Tuesday, April 8

Classic Hits Radio Interview Bungle

We were due to go on a tiki tour (small tour) this morning, but because I still had more catching up to do with my writing, I opted to go to the Internet Caf� instead. When I got back around lunchtime, Averill still wasn't home. The LETS group in Timaru had arranged for me to have a radio interview today, so I thought I'd better get that over and done with. But it all went dreadfully wrong.

I was supposed to ring the station in Timaru sometime between 10am and 4pm, so I made my first attempt at about 1.00pm. But the line was engaged. So I tried again and again. Still engaged. Or did I have to include the 03 area code? So I tried that. Still engaged. Dialing the same number over and over started to become monotonous, so I thought I'd use the redial button until I'd manage to get through to the station. But after my first attempt, the phone died! Now what? I figured that Averill would be back soon, so I just read a book and waited. By 3.00pm I knew I'd better get to another phone quickly. There was only an hour left before my final deadline. I couldn't ring Averill on her mobile phone because the phone was still out of order, so I got rugged up to find a public phone outside. But wait � maybe there was another extension in the house? There was. I found an old dial telephone in the office, but it worked. Soon I was talking to Averill.

"Oh! When you use the redial button on the other phone, it stuffs up," she said.

Well that explained that. So I rang the radio station again. Still engaged! I figured I'd keep at it until I got through, but after 45 minutes I gave up in frustration. It was just not going to happen today. I had more writing to do, so off to the Internet caf� I went again.

When I returned at 5.45pm, I told Averill about my frustration trying to get through to the radio station.

"Every time I rang I got these 4 quick beats, then a pause, then 4 quick beats, etc."

"That means you had the wrong number," she said. And this was confirmed when she rang the information line to get the correct phone number for Classic Hits Radio in Timaru. So I'd spent all afternoon trying to ring a number I couldn't possibly get through on! I'm sure if the tones were the same as those in Australia I would've twigged right away and got through to the station when they were expecting me. But now the phone at the station was unattended, and the opportunity had been missed.

PLEBS (Plains Exchange & Barter System) Presentation

My presentation to PLEBS (Plains Exchange & Barter System) was due to start at 7.00pm tonight, so we got there nice and early. Pre-presentation snacks were being served, and I was treated to a yummy baked potato covered with shredded cheese and also a hot sausage with bread and mustard. We had a good audience turn up, with 25 people attending. We had a few laughs along the way as well, especially when an active little 2 year old walked across the stage, just when I was suggesting that LETS was a great avenue for people offering baby-sitting.

By 9pm, we'd wound up the meeting and Chris Breen, PLEBS Treasure, gave me a demonstration of PLEBS new computer system. I'd heard much about this system before my arrival, and I must say it looked very impressive. PLEBS want to offer this system to other groups around the world, so as soon as Chris can come up with a software package (and price) I'll happily promote it through LETS-Linkup.

Chris was taking us and the computer back that night, and dropping off the computer to the PLEBS office got first priority. The PLEBS office is in a great location in the heart of the city, and I was impressed with the modern facilities they had available to them. But we were all pretty tired, so as soon as the computer was returned to its normal position, we returned to Averill's home. I was leaving on the 7.45am bus the next morning, so Averill booked a cab to arrive at 7.20am. Now I could relax and get a good night's sleep.

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