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Helen Dew is New Zealand's most successful LETS retailer.

12. Saturday, April 5

Helen's Monster Garage Sale

Helen Dew is the Queen of LETS retail sales. Her volume of sales in Wairarapa GDE is more than 3 times as much as her nearest rival. In fact, her exploits have received such wide recognition that she's been invited to speak at an International Money Symposium being held in Germany in July 2003.

So how can Helen afford to travel to Germany for such a notable occasion? Simple. Hold a fund-raising Monster Garage Sale and coincide it with the usual LETS Trading Day.

And here's a glimpse of how it all went �

The stall holders were all due to arrive at the hall at 8.30am, so Helen was on her way out the door by 7.00am, even though the market hall was just 2 blocks away.

The hall was on the main road through Carterton, so any traffic coming in or out of town was bound to notice it. As well as that, yesterday's (Friday's) newspaper had these 3 advertisements promoting the garage sale:

(in the Wairarapa WHAT'S ON section)
SATURDAY, APRIL 5 � Green Dollar Exchange - Market/Garage Sale/Auction, St.Mary's hall, corner High and King streets, Carterton, 9.30am - noon, a fundraiser for Helen Dew's conference in Germany. Contact Ruth C**** 379-****. Public Presentation - at 1pm, hear James Taris tell how he has used green dollars touring eight countries and in Australia. Contact Helen Dew 379-****.

(in the Wairarapa Garage Sale section)
GARAGE sale Market/Garage Sale/Auction, St.Marys Hall, cnr High and King streets, Carterton, Sat 5th April 9.30am - 12 noon.
GARAGE sale monster auction market, St.Marys hall cnr High and King streets, Carterton, Sat 5th April 9.30am - 12 noon. Enquiries ph Ruth 379-****.

Outdoor stalls attracted lots of passing trade.

Two bright yellow sandwich boards had been displayed outside the church hall for the previous 3 days. One simply wrote, 'MARKET', and the other one wrote, 'Saturday, April 5, 9.30am - 12.00'.

The other stallholders began arriving after 8am. And there were lots of them, with lots of products. Why such a good response? Because these traders were going to sell their products for Green Dollars to LETS members and CASH to the public! Not a bad incentive for stallholders to turn up.

A couple of stalls were set up inside the hall alongside Helen's stall, but because the weather was so fine, Helen suggested most traders set up their stalls outside the church, virtually on the street. This proved to be a great visual crowd stopper, and by 9.45am the traders were inundated with buyers. By 11.30am the trading had simmered right down, but Helen hadn't finished yet. She was about to off-load almost all her unsold goods by auction. The auctioneer arrived just before 12.00 and within an hour had cleared all her unwanted items, much of it purchased by the remaining LETS traders for unbelievably cheap prices, as low as NZ$1 per box. Not a bad result for one morning's trade.

Wairarapa Green Dollar Exchange Presentation

Immediately after the auction we had a lunch break which was followed by my 'LETS Favours' presentation. My audience was made up of about 14 die-hards, but they were all pleased that they'd stayed to hear the stories I had to share with them. A couple of hours later I was packed and on my way back to Wellington, driven there by Jan, one of the traders who was also in Wellington GDE.

Karaoke Farewell Party

John Grant had organized a Farewell Party for me tonight, and it was a Karaoke night at the Innkeeper Hotel. About 20 people attended and we had a great time. Lots of us got up to sing, and I managed to squeeze in 4 songs for the night (It's Not Unusual, YMCA, Who Put The Bomp, I'm Henry VIII).

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