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Getting flight instructions before taking off on my first glider flight.

11. Friday, April 4
(Masterton ... Carterton)

Short Hand Radio Interview

Helen had arranged for me to be interviewed on the radio this morning. This would give her a chance to promote my presentation and the garage sale a day before the event. I was going to be called at 10.30am.

At 8.35am the phone rang. It was Jacinda from HITZ 89 FM. Was James available for the interview now? Luckily, I was. And 6 minutes later both Helen and I were very pleased with how the interview went.

Just before lunch, Helen took me in to Masterton to see the LETS office which operated out of the Wairarapa Community Centre. On the way, I mentioned to Helen that I usually ask for a tape of my radio interviews whenever I gave them.

The written radio interview with Jacinda from HITZ-89FM.

"HITZ Radio has their office just around the corner, she said. "We'll go and ask for a copy."

Jacinda was on the air when we arrived, but came out to meet us a couple of minutes later.

"Oh!" she explained. "I didn't tape the interview. I just took some notes." And what's more, she wouldn't be airing the interview until Monday, 2 days after the event!

Well, so much for being prepared, I thought. Helen had done everything right as far as organizing the interview and allowing time for it to be aired, but it all fell apart at the other end. The moral to this story was, NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING!

Paua Shells And Gliders

Helen rummages through Paua shell pieces looking for little bargains.

Before returning home for lunch, Helen stopped by the Paua Shell Factory in Carterton. There are 130 different species of abalone in the world, and Paua shells are about the most precious and colourful ones you can find. In fact, after being ground and polished, they are worth just as much as some gems of the same size. The Paua Shell Factory manufactured and sold Paua shell products directly to the public. So while I was watching a promotional video on the Paua shell, Helen was scavenging through the Paua shell 'seconds bin', and soon emerged with a small bag of specimens which showed potential for being made into saleable ornaments for her trading stalls.

Gary came by to pick me up just as I finished lunch. He was taking me to Greytown for a flight in a glider. Jim, from Wairarapa GDE, had offered to take me up, and I'd accepted with great excitement. Greytown was only 15 minutes away, so very soon I was sitting in the front seat of the 2 seater glider, getting instructions on how to steer, up and down, left and right, and how to put on the brakes. Most gliders are launched by engined planes, but the Gliding Club which operated on Jim's property, used a winch with a 5,000 foot cable. Basically, the end of the cable was hooked on to the front of the glider, and then the winch would pull it up into the air from a mile away! � much like a slingshot does.

Gary operated the winch and we were off the ground in about 3 seconds! My flight went for about 6 minutes, and I was impressed by the unobstructed views of the landscape and the unusually quiet atmosphere. And after a very smooth landing, I was asked to help another glider pilot disassemble his single-seater glider. Maybe if I'd done this before I'd flown, I'd have refused to go up at all. Because the wings and the tail section were only being held together by a total of � 2 bolts!

Tomorrow was the Market Day. So we packed Helen's station wagon and trailer full of garage sale items and made sure we got an early night's sleep.

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