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400 Day LETS Odyssey
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JAMES TARIS around the World- (2003-4)
(31st May, 2003 - 4th July, 2004)

Waiting for a bus with my luggage in Espoo, Finland (July 2003)

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CHINA - Shanghai (5 weeks)

Week 1 - The SARS Farce ... Childrens Day ... Shanghai Summer Nights CLICK HERE

Week 2- The Little Water Town CLICK HERE

Week 3- Writing My Play - The Glory Of Athens CLICK HERE

Week 4- Shanghai's Hawaii CLICK HERE

Week 5- Shanghai Snippets CLICK HERE

GREECE - Athens (2 weeks)

Week 6- Acropolis ... Ancient Markets CLICK HERE

Week 7- Greek Nightlife CLICK HERE

FINLAND - Helsinki (1 week)

Week 8- Helsinki Haven... Espoo Walk CLICK HERE

SWEDEN - Stockholm/Goteborg (1 week)

Week 9- Swedish Characters CLICK HERE

FRANCE - Montelimar/Sisteron/Aurillac/Bressuire/Paris (7 weeks)

Week 10- Hollywood Here I Come (Montelimar) CLICK HERE

Week 11- World Premier Booked For London ... Crocodiles Tortoises And Elephants (Montelimar) CLICK HERE

Week 12- Computer Crash (Montelimar) CLICK HERE

Week 13- Sleeping In Napoleons Bed (Sisteron) CLICK HERE

Week 14- Tall Man In An Attic (Aurillac) CLICK HERE

Week 15- Living In A Castle Tower ... Lions Castles and German Butlers ... My First Public Performance of The Glory Of Athens (Bressuire) CLICK HERE

Week 16- Eiffel Tower In Lights ... Mona Lisa ... Chinese TV Staring James Taris (Paris) CLICK HERE

THE NETHERLANDS - Amsterdam/Rotterdam/Utrecht (2 weeks)

Week 17- LETS Shops (Rotterdam) CLICK HERE

Week 18- Theatre Ribeau (Amsterdam) ... Bell Ringers Of The Dom (Utrecht) CLICK HERE

SCOTLAND - Dundee/Fife/Edinburgh (1 week)

Week 19- Arctic Wind In Scotland (Dundee) ... Stag Inn And Stagger Out ... Scottish Hit Squad (Fife) ... Living With Ferrets (Edinburgh) CLICK HERE

MOROCCO - Marrakech/Casablanca (2 weeks)

Week 20- Magical Mystical Marrakech ... The Art Of Morocco Tea ... (Marrakech) CLICK HERE

Week 21- The Marrakech Express (Casablanca) CLICK HERE

THE NETHERLANDS - Utrecht (1 week)

Week 22- Making Sweet Music CLICK HERE

ENGLAND - Kingsbridge/Falmouth/Bradford-On-Avon/Bath (2 weeks)

Week 23- Kingsbridge Huggers ... First Western Man ... CLICK HERE

Week 24- Cob Houses Foogoos And Hecklers ... Jazz The Black Cat ... The Queen Crapped Here CLICK HERE

WALES - Bridgend/Brecon (1 week)

Week 25- Chipmunks Ewes And Wales ... Time Banks And LETS Auctions ... Rugby And Snickers CLICK HERE

ENGLAND - London/Milton Keynes (2 weeks)

Week 26- The Glory Of Athens - London Premier ... Walking In The Beatles’ Footsteps (London) CLICK HERE

Week 27- Rocky Horror Sing-Along Show ... Concrete Cows and the Oware Game CLICK HERE

THE NETHERLANDS - Utrecht (1 week)

Week 28- The Give-Away Store CLICK HERE


CANADA - Welland, Kitchener-Waterloo, Toronto, Brantford, Montreal, Granby, Ottawa, Tamworth (21 weeks)

Week 29- The Agony And The Ecstasy Of Flying CLICK HERE

Week 30- White Christmas CLICK HERE

Week 31- Niagara Falls ... LETS in Niagara TV Interview CLICK HERE

Week 32- Schools Schools Schools ... Christian Favours Sermon CLICK HERE

Week 33- Eating Snow CLICK HERE

Week 34- Drunken Chicken ... Emus In Canada ... Toronto Dollars CLICK HERE

Week 35- Two Birthday Cakes ... Designing LETS Stationery for LETSniagara CLICK HERE

Week 36- The Greatest Loser In The World ... Everything Turns Out For The Best CLICK HERE

Week 37- Cross-Country Skiing CLICK HERE

Week 38- Surviving Two Days With John Turmel ... Riding a Skidoo ...
Ice-Hockey Fight

Week 39- Winter Camping CLICK HERE

Week 40- Toastmasters In Canada CLICK HERE

Week 41- Montreal/Ottawa Trip CLICK HERE

Week 42- It's All About Caring And Sharing CLICK HERE

Week 43- Not Quite Van Gogh CLICK HERE

Week 44- Pancakes, Taffy and Turkey Drumsticks CLICK HERE

Week 45- Red Easter Eggs CLICK HERE

Week 46- Ministers, Monks and Mynahs CLICK HERE

Week 47- Buffalo Day Trip CLICK HERE

Week 48- No TV In Kitchener CLICK HERE

Week 49- London To Paris, Cosmic Bowling CLICK HERE

USA - San Francisco, Los Angeles (3 weeks)

Week 50- San Francisco Day Trip CLICK HERE

Week 51- Universal Studios, Disneyland, Performing In Hollywood CLICK HERE

Week 52- Alcatraz Prison CLICK HERE

AUSTRALIA - [QLD] Brisbane, Logan, Caloundra, Caboolture, Tamborine Mountain, Bribie island [NSW] Nimbin (7-and-a-half weeks)

Week 53- Four Minutes Of Fame CLICK HERE

Week 54- Who Said Pigs Can't Fly? CLICK HERE

Week 55- Fang The Spider CLICK HERE

Week 56- Blue Water Tips CLICK HERE

Week 57- 400th Day Celebration CLICK HERE


Week 58- Big Bruiser CLICK HERE

Week 59-60 Butcherbird Buddies CLICK HERE

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