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400 Day LETS Odyssey
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Was that a special visitor for my 400th-Day Celebration?

AUSTRALIA - [QLD] Tamborine Mountain, [NSW] Nimbin (Wk.1 of 1week)
Week 57 of World Tour

400th Day Celebration

Finally, it was Saturday, July 3, 2004. The last day of my 400 Day LETS Odyssey had arrived.

When I set off from Melbourne on May 31 last year, I never imagined I’d be starting this momentous occasion by working on a book proposal for a leading Australian publisher.

Christine managed to tear me away from the computer long enough to join her and Ruby for a picnic lunch in her backyard. Ruby is 70, from a German backgound and is very spiritual, like Christine and many others on Tamborine Mountain, which is a high energy location sought by many women who believe in spirituality.

But as soon as I’d eaten I managed to escape back to my computer where I continued working on my book proposal.

However, I wasn’t going to let this day slip by with just the memory of me sitting in front of my laptop. So, after a couple of suggestions from Christine, at 6pm I abandoned my writing for the day and set off to celebrate with Christine and Ruby. And we were going to do this in Tamborine Mountain style.

Our first stop was to the supermarket where we bought a roast chicken and the inevitable bottle of wine. Dinner was going to be followed by going to the movies, so we found a picnic table on the nature strip going down the middle of the road opposite the cinema. Cleaning the bird droppings off the table wasn’t so easy. Not only didn’t we have any towels with us, but the sun had gone down nearly an hour ago, and we only had street lighting to work with. Nevertheless, we managed to dodge the little scats and began our dinner with a celebratory toast to the past 400 days. Cutlery was also one of our oversights, so we dug in with our fingers and turned that fat little chicken into a pile of dried up bones. The ladies had the foresight to bring a salad with them, so dinner was a little more civilised than just ripping into a roast chicken. Thankfully, some tissues appeared from somewhere, so we were able to wipe our hands clean, though you can never get rid of that sticky-fingers feeling.

It was almost movie time, so we walked across the road to the cinema. Now here’s why I was really excited about going to the Zamia Theatre. I’d been all over the world over the last couple of years, but I’d never been to a cinema quite like this one. This theatre only had 2 sessions … a month! Both happened on the same day, and always on a Saturday. The theatre operated out of an old wooden hall, maybe 100 years old, and was run by volunteers administered by the Rain-forest Trust. Actually, it was only a part-time theatre, so the seats were set-up before the first session and then put away after the second session. But it was much easier than it sounds because the seats were 3-seater fold-up deck chairs. Yes! Simple wooden frames with a piece of canvas running from top to bottom. Simple, they were. Comfortable, they weren’t. Especially without any heating in the hall. This didn’t seem to bother the locals, however, who all turned up with coats, scarves, pillows and blankets. Us included.

The movie we watched was The Girl With The Pearl Ear-ring, about a famous 17th century artist. Typically, the movie was more of a love story than about his artistic genius. I guess you’ve got to appeal to the masses, and yes, I still enjoyed it.

But the end of my 400 Day LETS Odyssey was also acknowledged by a very special visitor. As we drove back home, Ruby looked up at a bright light in the sky and said, “Christine, I think that’s another Flying Saucer”.

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