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M eet Fang!

AUSTRALIA - [QLD] Caloundra (Wk.1 of 1week)
Week 55 of World Tour

Fang The Spider

“There’s no room here for anyone who doesn’t like spiders”, Val said.

So that was my warning. And just as well she mentioned that, because even though spiders don’t worry me, sometimes I’ve responded to calls for ‘help’ when an unusually large spider has gotten into the house. Many years ago, my response was swift and usually while holding a shoe or a rolled up newspaper. But since then I’ve been a lot more thoughtful and relocated my 8-legged friends to the wide-open outdoors.

Val and Annette were my hosts for the last 3 days of my Caloundra LETS visit, and they had a lovely 2-storey kit home on about 2 acres in Landsborough. My room was on the top floor and I also had my own bathroom which I shared with Fang, the above-mentioned house pet.

Fang was a mature male huntsman spider, about 6 inches (15 cms) from one tip of its hairy legs to the other. I’m not sure how long he’d been in that bathroom, but he’d probably strayed into it while looking for some food, or maybe even a girlfriend. Nevertheless, it looked as if he was going to be there for a while, because he looked quite comfortable tucked into one corner of the bathroom, just above the towel rack.

Unfortunately, on my last morning with Val and Annette, Fang had strayed again. This time into the shower recess. So I had a couple of options. Do I forgo my morning shower? Or do I take my shower and give Fang a hot bath as well?

I always look forward to having a nice hot shower in the mornings, so I didn’t want to pass it up. I knew Fang was far too big to get washed down the drain, but I wasn’t sure how he would handle the hot water. So I decided to move him out of the shower recess and back to the bathroom wall near the towel rack. I moved Fang out by carefully coaxing him into a large plastic cup. He seemed OK with the transfer and just stayed where I deposited him. But while I was getting stripped to hop into the shower, I heard a noise.

Fang had jumped onto the lid of the small purple rubbish bin on the bathroom counter. Where would he go next? I wondered. So I lifted the rubbish bin lid to move him back to the wall again. But as soon as the lid came up, Fang panicked and jumped off, and straight into the bin!

Oh, no! Not in the bin! I thought. Val will be so annoyed with me if she loses Fang. Luckily the bin was empty and lined with a clean plastic bag. So I carefully removed the bag and nudged Fang back into the plastic cup and onto the wall again.

Thankfully, I’ve had my shower, got dressed and had breakfast, and Fang is still there. And I leave in 15 minutes. Whew!

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