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400 Day LETS Odyssey
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JAMES TARIS around the World- (2003-4)

Seeing is believing!

AUSTRALIA - [QLD] Logan, Tamborine Mountain, (Wk.2 of 3 weeks)
Week 54 of World Tour

Who Said Pigs Can't Fly?

Bernice was determined to show me a 3-D wall mural of Karawatha Forest which had been made by school children. It was at Woodridge State School, but when we got there classes were still in progress. Not a good time to intrude, Bernice thought.

Just across the road was 101 FM Logan Radio, the local community radio station. Maybe we could ask if they’d be interested in booking me for an interview sometime.

The fibro office building looked quite old and was very plain inside. In fact, we’d managed to come in through the back door without realising it, and surprised the secretary in the process. When we made our enquiry, the receptionist asked us to wait a few minutes because Don McLaughlin, the radio announcer, was still on the air.

Once he cut to a commercial break, the secretary went in to see him. Soon she returned and said, “He’ll be able to interview you in about 10 minutes”. What a stroke of luck!

“I’ve just had a couple of cancellations this morning, so I can interview you now”, Don said as soon as he saw me in the office. And as he ushered me into his interview room, he continued, “Tell me a little about this travelling the world without money”.

I’ve had several unfortunate experiences with radio announcers over the years, and feel cheated if I don’t get a copy of my interview as payment for filling in some of their airtime. So after I gave him the 30-second version of my travels, I asked if he could give me a tape of the interview. “Sure”, he said, and slipped a cassette into a tape deck.

The interview lasted about 22 minutes, and flowed beautifully. Don was genuinely interested in my travel adventures and experiences and kept the interview alive with appropriate questions, laughing at all the right places.

I was sure to ask for the tape before I left, and he gave it to me happily. But something didn’t look right. The tape was fully rewound. And seeing he’d just pulled it out without rewinding it, either it had stopped before the interview ended, or it hadn’t started at all.

“Can you please check if the interview recorded properly?” I asked the receptionist. So she gave it to one of the staff in another office and they checked it out. It was blank!

“Can you get a copy for me off your master tapes?” I asked.

“Don is back on air again, but I’ll get him to ring you back and tell you what he can do”.

But Don never rang back. So I called again the next day. There was a different receptionist on duty and she didn’t know anything about my problem. She’d give Don the message.

By Friday, 4 days after the interview, I still hadn’t got a reply. So I rang again. This time I got the office manager on the phone. She sounded annoyed.

“You’re lucky we were able to fit you in on Monday morning. We’ve told you that this is a very specialized task and that we only work with volunteer staff. As soon as we can get access to the log we’ll copy your segment and get back to you.”

Well, I was due to leave Logan in 2 days time, so I just accepted that I’d finally get it when pigs could fly. It’s such a shame when I do everything right, and the end result still comes out wrong.

Two weeks later, Jenny from Caboulture, was driving me down to my next host in Tamborine Mountain. I’d forgotten to return some keys to Bernice so, seeing we were passing through Logan, Jenny organised for Bernice to meet us at a major intersection in the Logan area. Bernice was pleased to finally get her keys, and then she gave me a CD. “It’s your Logan Radio interview”, she said. I couldn’t believe it. And there I was thinking horrible things about them. I was so relieved.

And the interview sounded even better when I played it again. After all, this was an interview that I though would be lost for eternity.

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