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400 Day LETS Odyssey
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JAMES TARIS around the World- (2003-4)

Lounge (mocha) and Dining (apple green) rooms after stripping and painting.

CANADA - Kitchener (Wk.10 of 16 weeks)
Week 43 of World Tour

Not Quite Van Gogh

When was the last time you stripped? Paint, that is.

Well, I only allowed 2 days for paint stripping. Meanwhile, 6 days later, I was still stripping!

Then I had a couple of agonizing days sanding the woodwork to a neat finish. Why agonizing? Because I didn’t use sandpaper. I used steel wool soaked in mineral turpentine. Very soon I found that applying pressure with my thumbs gave the best results. Unfortunately, this made them ache so much that I couldn’t click my fingers for 6 days! Just as well I wasn’t performing my play during this period because when I perform my Archimedes character, clicking my fingers is an essential part of my act!

So my initial weekend paint job, turned out to be a self-inflicted sentence lasting about 3 weeks.

But the results were very much worthwhile, as I’m sure you’ll agree from the photos.

So how did I go about my work? In a very organized fashion. Just like everything else I do.

Here’s how long it took …

1 day - planning, re-organising 4 rooms on first floor
I day – emptying 3 rooms of all furniture on ground floor
I day – removing wallpaper strip, filling wall cracks and 79 holes, repairing door handle, removing loose plaster off kitchen ceiling, buying paints and painting equipment
6 days – stripping paint off woodwork
2 days - sanding
2 days - painting
1 day - replacing furniture in rooms and stacking books and CDs in shelves

This completed 3 rooms of painting, then after I returned from my Ottawa trip I painted the kitchen, finishing the job.

2 days – stripping paint
1 day – filling cracks
1 day – sanding
2 days – painting

GRAND TOTAL of 20 days … but what a great job!

And I was very neat and considerate, cleaning up after myself at the end of each day.

So if I ever run out of audiences to speak to, and web sites to design, I could always offer to renovate houses, hey!

This is what the rooms looked like before. Lounge (left), Dining (right).

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