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400 Day LETS Odyssey
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JAMES TARIS around the World- (2003-4)

Unfortunately, my computer's hard-disk drive never recovered ... RIP.

FRANCE - Montellimar (Wk.3 of 3 weeks)
Week 12 of World Tour

Computer Crash

With 10 months of travelling still ahead of me ... my computer crashed!

Normally this would simply mean I'd need to take my laptop to the nearest computer repair shop for medical attention, but as I'm on a very tight budget (zero funds to spare), and computer repairs can be notoriously expensive (if they can be repaired at all!) I decided to wait until I could find an experienced computer technician who's also a LETS member ... even if I have to wait a few more weeks.

Luckily I'd backed-up almost all of my files on to disk, so if my computer can't be repaired, the worst possible scenario would be that I'll lose all of my unanswered emails, and those emails I've filed away (hundreds!). This would be a disappointing loss, but not tragic, because I had the foresight to copy all my hosts' details (contact names, locations, email addresses and phone numbers) onto my hard-drive and subsequently saved to disk. So at least my travel plans won't be jeopardised.

In fact, before I left Melbourne, I thought about what I'd do if I lost all my data, or worse still, if I'd lost my laptop. And so I've packed all my software with me, plus back-up disks, so I can replace almost everything if absolutely necessary. In this way I've been able to travel stress-free from Day One. Nevertheless, I'd prefer to lose NOTHING!

So I'm being patient and optimistic, hoping that soon someone will look at my computer and say, "No problem, James. I can fix it in just a few minutes without losing any information."

Am I dreaming? Maybe. But it's so much better than having nightmares!

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